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Are you looking for fast and easy ways of translation that can help you to speed up your work? Do you wish to become competent at your work exposure and make it reach out to a broader audience? Well, by using fast translation services, you can now complement your work with the most accurate information needed for your clients.

We will help you in figuring out what translation services can assist you in. Whenever you are dealing with written translation for certified documents, translation services need to offer the highest quality and precision.

There is a lot of language diversity in Hong Kong, which makes it exceptionally important for interpreters and translators to work in all major industries necessarily. Organizations and companies need translation services to serve their customers while also branding themselves in their most effective manner. Thus, the need for interpreters and translators has plummeted with an advance in the business market and global industry. we have Thai, Korean translation services and etc in Hong Kong. 

What Are The Various Translation Services That Can Help You?

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is highly responsible for the drive to standardization that many other supplier industries also. It is a mature industry that has been established with players to set the trend and pick up pace in many areas of the economy.

The industry is ahead of its time on many occasions. The need for investing time and effort in the field of automotive translation and localization has significantly grown with the necessity of reaching out to a broader and more international market. 

Pangeanic offers years of substantial experience in automotive translation as it has been dealing with user manuals to in-car software. We are familiar with all sorts of automotive translation techniques, ranging from marketing and corporate communications to technical document translation services.

Technologies that we use include the following. We have a highly advanced translation system for recycling tools for fast document generation. There are machine translation and post-editing documents that we excel in. We also deal with voice overs for company videos and product presentations on various topics. Our translated user manuals and final PDF documents are also provided.

Financial Translations For Business

What do you think is the fastest communicator in the world? Every organization, economic and financial institution, large businesses and enterprises, and even small companies, and startups clearly understand that finance is the top means of communication in the world.

Keeping this in mind, it becomes highly beneficial that you choose means of reliability and accuracy when it comes to financial translations. That way, communication standards are high, concise, and comprehensive. They should be indisputable in every way, and that is what financial translations ensure.

If you want your work to shine in the global market, join the most excellent organizations and companies to have your work checked by Pangeanic’s financial translation services. Your business transactions and dealings will be taken care of while you focus on strategies and plans to help your company or organization grow even better!

Legal Translation Services

It is essential to be thorough in translation when it comes to dealing with legal services. You have to keep in mind that whenever you deal with legal translations, you want translation accuracy. You must also pay attention to every detail while familiarizing yourself with different legal systems.

It is significant to note that you can profit from years of translation experience for obtaining a way of fast legal translation service that works well. We make use of the latest translation technologies when it comes to legal services that help you to translate and keep a record of all your official documents.

Do Healthcare Companies Need Life Science And Pharma Translation Services?

We have discussed various documents up till now. From automotive to business, to finance and even legal translation services. It is important to note that things tend to get serious when it comes to life science, medical, and pharma translation services. 

It is a very challenging task to offer translation services in this field. If you are associated with the healthcare department, you will agree. There are two things that you need to take care of then dealing with translated documents in the field of medical and life science. One is compliance, and the other is accuracy. 

Many things need translations, some of which are listed below.

  • Patient brochures
  • Drug dosage
  • Doctor manuals
  • Prescription leaflet
  • Instructions on consuming a drug
  • Physician portals

Besides this, various other products need to be translated into a local language so that everyone can make use of it. The benefit of having these materials translated into a local language helps the company gain credibility over an international market.

Clinical Trials Translation

A subcategory of medical and pharma translations is clinical trial translation. Pangeanic is aware that a crucial step that needs to be taken care of before a drug is deemed fit to use by the general population is about making the drug undergo clinical trials. These trials may seem lengthy and exhilarating because they must be error-free. Moreover, the terminology used in these trials should also be precise and adhered to.

Pangeanic has worked on various instructions that have to be provided to physicians, doctors, and researchers for smooth functioning. This required the delivered work to be accurately translated. The documentation includes questionnaires and instructions, informed consent forms, doctors’ logs, and patient diaries.

It is imperative to run a thorough check on each translation for clinical trials because drug usage and abuse are widespread. You have to ensure that you are imparting the most accurate and credible knowledge while dealing with clinical trial translations. It is the importance of realizing the true value of human life, which makes clinical trial and life science so difficult on the whole.

How Do We Make Sure That We Impart Quality Translation Services?

We have two approaches that help us to obtain quality translation services. The first one is technology, and the other one is taking the help of professional translators. Pangeanic is committed to a work of utmost excellence that lets us provide our clients with the best services.

Moreover, regular quality audit checks are performed by Pangeanic that help certify that we comply with ISO standards and the European Translation Standard EN15038.

As one of the most renowned companies that assist you in services within Hong Kong, Pangeanic works well on a “first-time-right” approach. We have worked for almost two decades in the field of supplying international translation services in over 35 languages; therefore, we have a vast experience of translation.

Our translation company knows the best way of making multilingual publication work. We emphasize much on the significance of having a professional translator that can start the work.

Our team comprises of the most excellent translators located in Hong Kong that will help you in coming up with the best translation services for you on the first date.

Try out our translation services now, and you won’t be disappointed. You can contact us at