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In this society where technology is developing rapidly and the economy is booming, parents need to be busy making money, socializing, and interpersonal relationships. For children, more is given to grandpas and grandparents together with a lot of money.

Most grandparents will spoil their children, and they are afraid of breaking in their palms and afraid of flowers in their mouths. The child must have the wind and the rain and the stars in the sky. After the child grows up, the parents face such an indulgent adult, and no amount of money can make up for the childhood of their absent child.

For people who have just become mothers and fathers, how to do parent-child education?

accompany. This is the most important way. In love, companionship is the longest love confession, and for children’s childhood, companionship is the warmest love. Of course, it is not clothes and socks that help them wear them, shoelaces help them to send them, and even brush their teeth for them, but to watch him, give encouragement when they make various attempts, and reward them after success.

motion. Strong physical quality and psychology are inseparable from a healthy body, parent-child sports can enhance each other’s trust and feelings, and benefit physical and mental health. Running, playing, swimming, and climbing are all very good sports. But now living in cities, the pollution is very serious, you can download a Hong Kong Air Pollution Index iphone app, choose to travel when the air quality is qualified.

encourage. Studies have shown that negative sentences such as “Don’t…”, “Not good…”, “Not as good as others”, etc., can easily cause defensive psychology for your child and make him feel nervous and confronted when facing you. Encouraging words encourage children and build confidence. Praise them for what they did right, find out the merits first and then suggest them politely.